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American festivals and holidays are getting bigger every year, including exciting entertainment that draws huge crowds. The world-famous Mardis Gras celebration in New Orleans attracts people for the over-the-top excitement and colorful traditions. Festivities include music, floats, beads, and delicious food. This year, the “Greatest Free Show on Earth” is happening on March 5, and thousands of people will be flocking to the French Quarter.

Of course, everyone dreams of getting to experience Mardis Gras for themselves, and it makes an exciting event theme, but how do you bring the buzz and zeal it is known for to your event? We are experienced in transforming event spaces into immersive environments, and Mardis Gras is a favorite theme for the rich opportunities and innovation it inspires. Here are our best ideas for executing a big event theme like a Mardis Gras celebration.

Plan In Advance—Way Advance

To properly pull off a big event theme like Mardis Gras, you must start planning as early as possible. Giving yourself a year will build in a comfortable buffer for your planning checklist. Decide on a venue that will suit your needs and allow you the space to invite exciting entertainment. Booking specific food and entertainment that will push your event theme forward may take some research, especially since Florida events are growing in numbers, so getting an early start will help your event plans unfold without hurry.

Make The Theme Your Own

In the world of event planning, there are not many “original” themes anymore, but that doesn’t matter. What will truly make an impact on your event attendees is how you personalize your theme to match your company branding, culture, or personality. There have been lots of Mardi Gras parties, but there will only be one that has your signature style. Consider choosing a spin on the theme, perhaps making it an elegant take on Mardis Gras with a formal dress code, or a themed dinner with courses dedicated to Fat Tuesday traditions. Florida events have the luxury of waterfront venues, so you could plan an outdoor Mardi Gras celebration complete with parade and jazz bands. Once you have a few ideas for concepts, present them to the committee in charge of giving the green light. This way, everyone is on the same page and has the same expectations.

Consistency Is Key

The real secret to executing a big event theme like Mardis Gras with the impact you want is coordinating all of the details to build on each other. When picking your concept, choose your colors, styling, fonts, and message, and use them everywhere. Weaving your theme consistently throughout each element creates an immersive event that feels authentic and thoughtful.

  • Colors and Lighting

florida event planning eite dmc

We often use lighting from our talented production partners to transform spaces and define areas. The proper lighting can be pure magic, and should never be overlooked when planning an event theme. Mardis Gras colors are iconically purple, green, and gold, so incorporating these colors throughout your lighting design will help guests immediately recognize the theme.

  • Teasers and Invitations

Even when you start sending out save the date notices and invitations, add hints to what the theme will be. When you are using a theme as recognizable as Mardis Gras, simply using the famous colors, masks, and beads will be enough to start a buzz. The anticipation can be the best event marketing you could ask for.

  • Transportation

florida event planning eite dmc

Event transportation doesn’t have to be basic. We can personalize your guests’ transportation experience with themed decor, letting them start the party early and get the most out their night. Offer masks and beads for your guests to start getting excited en route to the venue.

  • Experiences and Entertainment

Your guests don’t want to just see your theme, they want to experience it! Replicate the parades, bead throwing, dancing, music, and street acts to elevate the event design. Involve your guests wherever you can, and see their faces light up.


Since the event theme is a core aspect of event planning, design, and execution, choosing an exciting, iconic festival like Mardis Gras is a solid choice for giving guests an experience they will remember. It isn’t impossible to bring a big event theme to life, but it does take experience and industry knowledge to make the choices for an event with impact—instead of one that falls flat. Our vendor and venue partners, along with our premium collection of event design elements, help us navigate the planning process to build those immersive experiences. Reach out to us today with your ideas and needs, and we can start making your next Florida events Elite.