Building the Perfect Team Building Experience

Florida is the perfect destination for summer team building events, in fact, it’s pretty perfect all year around! The average annual temperature in Miami is in the 80’s, which is perfect for outdoor and water activities. Orlando has obvious experiential advantages, thanks to the likes of major theme parks. Finally, Naples offers calm shores and an abundance of naturescapes for visitors. 

Here are a few 2019 trends for team building exercises that would be great in any of these locations, with emphasis on being on outdoor activities:

Charitable Team Building

A current big trend in team building, is using team building times to provide service to the local communities. Organizations like Habitat For Humanity, Bike Build and Build-A-Wheelchair are all organizations that offer a mission based experience for participants. Helping others while working together, while enjoying the beautiful Miami sunshine sounds like a great team building experience!

Outdoor Races/Games

A very popular team building experience is The Amazing Race designed event, an energized version of a scavenger hunt. When considering where to host an Amazing Race type of exercise, or even a treasure hunt- think BIG! Maybe this scavenger hunt happens across Walt Disney World theme parks, maybe just within the Magic Kingdom or within Universal Studios. You could even consider hosting this experience at a smaller venue, like within a resort/hotel. Make sure that your venue of choice also has some outdoor space for outdoor sports games! Another popular team building exercise, is team sports: dodgeball, kickball, and even a simple game of red rover can result in lots of smiles and a good work-out for participants!

Creative Experiences

Many nature based organizations, like greenhouses/nurseries, zoos and botanical gardens, are offering more and more engagement programs. Some popular ideas are potting classes from a botanical center or interactive experiences at the zoo. Potting classes allow attendees to learn about popular houseplants and also pot a plant of their choice, while sharing conversation and drinks with other participants. Zoo experiences, or even experiences at a local animal sanctuary, offer unique experiences such as the opportunity to hold animals or even Goat Yoga. Naples, Florida is a fantastic environment for nature activities with venues such as the Naples Zoo and Naples Botanical Center


We’d be remiss, if we didn’t mention the beautiful beaches of Miami and Naples. Each location that we offer our destination management services in, provide countless opportunities and sights to see. Our locale expertise and world-class transportation services accompanied with our VIP experiences, such as Dine-arounds, are sure to make your team building experience memorable! Let us know how we can put our destination management services to work for you!