One of our favorite aspects of working within destination management is dining! With dining comes amazing food and amazing restaurants to match.

Recently we had the opportunity of wining and dining one of our clients at the all-new Siro Urban Italian Kitchen inside the Orlando World Center Marriott.

This was no ordinary dining experience for this client. Elite Destination Management transformed the Siro Urban Italian Kitchen’s private dining space into an unforgettable lounge area.


Above, features Siro Urban Italian Kitchen’s normally set private dining space.

Below, the space is transformed, accented with floor to ceiling plush drapery, red and white lounge spaces, all designed to blend and match Siro’s existing interior decor.  With this transformation, our team created an environment private for our client’s event yet non-interfering with the restaurant’s existing business and operations. A successful formula for the client and the restaurant.


Along with the customized environment also came a customized menu. The menu included many of the tasty tapas dishes seen below. Specialty cheeses, light horderves and many other delicious desserts. The party exceeded the client’s expectations. The event was even the most sought after dinner function among the many other multiple functions happening simultaneously for this client’s conference. The event also was extended an extra hour as many attendees switched their plans to attend this Siro’s sanctuary styled event. We were thrilled to provide such stellar service that exhibited creativity, flexibility and many benefits to all parties involved. We look forward to their next dining experience with Elite!