Let’s face it, with so many trends evolving and new year’s resolutions being made, people are definitely more health conscious than they have ever been. People are not only concerned with green initiatives for the wellbeing of our planet, but they are more aware of what they are putting into their bodies for their own wellbeing.

Health Food is on the Rise

Many attendees have personal diets; therefore you need to be able to meet the requirements for everyone in order to make the most of their experience. When designing menus for your next event, make sure to appeal to all diet preferences. Gluten free has become a popular dietary restriction as well as vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, etc.

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Quinoa is often raved about by many people because of its high nutritional benefits. Not only is quinoa a protein packed grain, but it is also cheap and is likeable by many people. However, pay attention to new grain trends such as Kaniwa, Buckwheat, and Teff to give a healthier variety of different grain offerings.


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Avoid the Blues

Blue tableware has been known to turn away eaters because of the unsatisfactory color. When planning your event, make sure your plates and table cloths are not blue because it could create an unsatisfactory meal.

Farm to Table

Go local. Organic farming is extremely beneficial because it is better for your own health and the environment.  Organic option ensures your attendees that the food is fresh and promotes “green initiatives”.

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