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When you want hot nightlife and cool beach breezes, Miami is the spot you think of—and for good reason! It is a haven for arts and culture, adventure and fun, with a multicultural flavor that rivals any other major city.

Of course, all of this culminates in an exciting culinary scene filled with every possible genre you can imagine. The question becomes not, “Where will we eat?” but rather “How can we taste everything?”

This is why we are big fans of the dine-around (or progressive dining), especially in cities like Miami. A Miami dine-around is the perfect way to introduce your event guests to the gems of the city. You can hop around for each course, experiencing a new flavor and ambience in each destination.

With multiple locations comes lots more planning, but our experience executing dine-arounds in cities across Florida (such as Orlando, another favorite destination) means we can cover every detail for you. As a Florida DMC, we know how to ensure a smooth progression throughout your evening in Miami and anticipate your needs at every stop. You and your guests simply show up and feast—we take care of everything else.

Here are some ideas for your next Miami dine-around, chosen for their high-quality reputations and unique ambiance for every type of event.

Wynwood District

This artsy district has become a must-see for its murals, art museums, galleries, and shops, which has led to some adventurous foodies opening up their breweries and restaurants here in the urban core of Miami. Wynwood is a creative community with an electric vibe that you don’t want to miss.

  • Wynwood Brewing Company

Miami’s first craft production brewery, Wynwood Brewing Company has been pumping out delicious beers since 2013. Their warm and modern taproom serves a variety of beers that would be a perfect introduction to the neighborhood.

  • Alter

Miami dine arounds elite dmc alter

Hailed as one of the freshest restaurants in Miami, Alter is a neon-lit industrial warehouse that is worth the hype. Its upscale Florida-inspired dishes are perfect for the artsy crowd coming in from the streets of Wynwood.

  • Coyo Taco

An airy shop serving up street-style tacos with a farm-to-table flair, Coyo Taco is a flavorful stop. You didn’t hear it from us…but we hear there is a hidden bar in the back just through the “Employees Only” door.

  • The Salty Donut

miami dine arounds elite dmc

Donuts may be circling in and out of foodie trends, but when they are done this well trends don’t matter. The Salty Donut is an artisanal shop filled with exciting flavor combinations and high-end ingredients. The shop is small, and they close early, so Elite can plan for you to make it here early or order custom donuts for your to enjoy where you please.  

South Beach

When you think Miami, you are most likely picturing the colorful buildings and white sand beaches of South Beach. This area is bursting with Art Deco details and opportunities for excitement, and there is no better place to be at sunset that the beach.

  • Gale South Beach

Miami dine arounds elite dmc

Start your evening with a rooftop view of the water at Gale South Beach and bites from onsite restaurant Dolce Italian. Located close to the Miami Convention Center, this is a great spot to gather your event guests after a conference or tradeshow so you can see Miami together.

  • Yuca

A warm spot with an edgy vibe, Yuca is all about the young urban Cuban American scene in South Beach. The Yuca Lounge is home to world-class entertainment and delicious upscale Cuban-inspired bites for a “Nuevo Latino” experience.

  • Sushisamba

Miami dine arounds elite dmc

With a vibrant ambiance and their signature huge orange umbrellas, Sushisamba is a must-do South Beach destination. Fusing flavors of Brazil, Japan, and Peru, they create truly unique dishes that will impress even the most adventurous foodies. The event professionals at Elite DMC can arrange a sushi making class or sake tasting to make the evening more personal.

Miami can be a magical place for a dine-around when you know where to go. While it can be overwhelming jumping into the planning for the first time, our experience cuts through the noise and simplifies every decision. Whether you visit Marco Island, Naples, Orlando, or Miami, we know South Florida—where to go, what to see, and how to get there—and we would love to show it off to you! Contact us for more information about how we can set up a Florida dine-around for you.