Get There and Set Sail on your Cruise with Stellar Service at the Florida Seaports

Never miss the boat with Elite Destination Florida! Feel confident that your group will arrive on time and depart with no hassles when booking your next meeting or group excursion on Central and South Florida’s premiere cruise ships.

Elite Destination Management Florida offers the best in transportation options for your arrivals and departures to and from the following ports:

 Port of Tampa 

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Port Canaveral 



Port of Miami


Port Everglades/ Fort Lauderdale


Has booking a cruise for your group intimated you because of all the hassles of transportation issues?

Large group transfers from multiple airports to several different hotels are just part of the equation that Elite’s transportation experts will solve for you.  When it’s time to set sail, the additional requirements that arise by adhering to the Port’s strict regulations are another reason to utilize our expertise.  But that only takes care of the beginning of the journey.  When your group returns, we’ll be there to ensure that guests and their luggage are securely returned to their hotel or to the airport.


So before you confirm your group cruise, have you thought of how you are going to move  large groups of guests to the port, from the hotels, and airports, while maintaining your schedule and arriving on time to board the ship?

Whether your group is an intimate one of 40 guests or as large as over 1,000 guests, each attendee should feel like a VIP.   More than just managing motor coaches, there are massive amounts of luggage, loading in, port regulations, mass departures, impatient guests, multiple airports and directional staff members.  Have you considered all of these variables when putting together your transportation plan? Don’t worry, Elite Destination Florida is here to help make the process easy and effortless.


YES, a cruise is an amazing option for an unforgettable destination excursion and you don’t have to cross it off your list as a destination option. Elite Destination Florida can help you make your next group cruise a dream come true, getting you there on time and on budget.

What’s important to YOU?

When booking transportation from your hotel to the seaports or from the airport directly to the seaports, what is important to you? With our years of experience we focus on two areas that consistently lead to success:

-Attention to Detail in Every Stage of Planning

-Creation of Meticulously Timed Schedules

We understand convenience is probably the most important factor in selected transportation.  Expect convenience and a care-free booking experience always.

Did you know – we are the resident experts in Florida seaport transportation moves in navigating the Port Everglades/Fort Lauderdale, Cape Canaveral, Tampa and Miami?

When booking your next cruise destination program, think of Elite Destination for your transportation needs. Contact us for more details and to get your customized transportation evaluation.