There is no doubt that having experience in the hospitality industry prior to getting out in the real world is completely beneficial. Hospitality majors need a lot of experience and internships in order to really understand the industry. There is never a dull moment within the Hospitality Industry and it is so important to have great personal skills in order to succeed in this field.

About Elite Destination Florida

Stronger Advantage in Work Experience

When students upon graduation have previous work experience, they are already one step ahead of ones who do not have such experience. It is important to have an internship while pursuing your major that way you develop necessary skills for a management position later on. Internships allow you to experience real life situations to help you solve problems when you go to apply for your first job after college.


Many students don’t completely know what they want to do while in college. Some come into college with a specific set plan, others are uncertain when it comes to a certain major. Internship experience allows the student to explore possible options to really get a feel of what that job is like.


Don’t ever pass up an opportunity to network with industry professionals. An internship can get your foot in the door to create a good relationship with the company in case you should want to return back to the company in the future for a career. Networking can also play into the fact that through your current internship, you can also meet other professionals working with your company that may want to do future business with you or hire you for your next internship.



Internship opportunities provide students endless learning opportunities. Internships teach you the necessary skills for your next job opportunity. Students are able to understand business techniques as well as how a business works. Different companies use different software and systems, therefore, students will learn how each system works and operates differently in order to succeed in the business.

Elite Destination Florida provides internship opportunities to students’ pursuing a Hospitality career. Students will be able to experience amazing opportunities while working at Elite Destination Florida like working a major event at a hotel resort for a client. Student Interns will also be able network with hospitality industry key players, possess great computer skills by learning how to create businesses proposals, as well as contacting future potential clients. Elite Destination Florida allows students to get real life experiences in the Hospitality Events Industry to prepare them for after graduation. Not only does Elite Destination Florida want the customers to “experience the Experience” but they also want their interns to “Experience the Experience” and really get a good feel for what the events industry is like.

Interns in the past have moved on and received great opportunities for future careers due to networking during Elite Destination Florida’s events. Elite Destination Florida has taught all the necessary skills needed for the future and set previous interns up for success to achieve their dream jobs