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Whether you are an event planner working to give your client the biggest experience for their budget or a business planning a company-wide incentive trip, coming to Florida could be the magical ingredient for a splashy experience. But if you are planning an event in paradise, you are going to need help. That is where Elite DMC specializes, and how we can help you make the most of your Florida events.

The questions we get most often are direct ones, and we love to answer them:

  • What is a DMC?
  • What does a DMC do?
  • Why should I work with a DMC?

A DMC Is Your Own Local Expert—And Then Some

florida dmc elite destination florida










Simply put, a destination management company provides planning and event management services for their specialized areas. We are not only Florida event management professionals with all of the experience and skills to plan, design, and execute events, but also local experts. A DMC has an extensive knowledge of how events can best utilize the local resources, entertainment, and highlights. Since we are a well-established DMC in Florida, we have also built strong relationships with local vendors and venues, giving us an edge during the planning process.

The Real Question Is, What Doesn’t Elite DMC Do?

Of course, not all destination management companies offer the same services, but our robust event solutions support you from concept through execution. We offer our expertise on Florida entertainment, venues, and vendors to create exciting experiences. Our extensive collection of furniture and decor is ready to enhance your event’s theme and unique vibe. We are a highly specialized Florida event management company that specializes in optimizing every facet of events, whether your guests are from out of state or just out of town. 

  • Design

We know the best venues in Florida for your event needs, and we can make all of the arrangements for you. Our services include designing event activities and decor as well.

  • Logistics

With our in-house transportation team, getting your guests to the party is no sweat. We offer many modes of transportation, as well as managing the details such as scheduling.

  • Vendor and Entertainment Communication

We have cultivated strong relationships with our local Florida vendors to give you the selection, quality, and professionalism that makes a great event.

Benefits of Working With A DMC

When you are in the trenches of planning a company retreat, incentive trip, team-building activity, or promotional event, you need confidence in your venue, vendors, caterer, and transportation. Never again will you scour Google Maps for street views of venues to scope out beach access. You can stop feeling anxious about a caterer whose food you’ve never tasted. Imagine feeling support as you create an event plan from a state away, knowing that you have a network of event professionals securing the details on location. As a premier Florida DMC, we can pass our local knowledge and experience to you.

Since we maintain consistent relationships with local vendors and venues, we can help negotiate packages and services. We act as your point-of-contact in your Florida destination city, working on your behalf to secure the right accommodations and hammer down the details.  


If you are looking for an experienced Florida DMC to help you navigate your next event, we can lend you our local knowledge and connect you with our network of professionals. Contact us to begin discussing your event ideas and we can show you the Elite experience.