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It’s Summertime. What a better time than now to Plan ahead! Not only does planning offer you the chance to save money with Elite Destination Management when you book now, but we want to jump start your event planning ideas. Before you start planning, let’s explore “What’s Hot” in the coming year for meetings and events.

We scoured our sources and discovered 3 essential elements that are a “must” to include in the planning of your upcoming events. Check it out…

1) Finding new ways to brand the event

Branding is extremely important. It ties in your company’s identity into your event and is impressive in the eyes of your marketing department. Special Events Magazine reports in a recent article many corporations are taking advantage of this trend.

For the new year we encourage you to think outside the box. Companies are now looking to put their brand message in places where your attendees wouldn’t normally expect it. Whether it’s in a parking booth, dressing people up in different colored hoodies to form your logo, which not only makes for an interesting picture, but also gives you an opportunity to involve your clients, attendees, team members, strategic partners, on getting your message out there.

Elite advocates this trend and we have showcased the traditional ways to brand your event and past client events, as seen here at an Elite event. For this particular client we had custom branded pillows made for their event’s lounge areas, napkins for food and beverage displays, lighting that matched their brand’s color palette as well as multiple custom made centerpieces with their logos featured throughout the event. We are ready to take this trend to the next level with you. Getting creative and thinking outside the box is our specialty! 

Couches Behind-Laser

2) Incorporating Wedding décor pieces into corporate events

Did you know the wedding industry is known for it’s cutting edge decor pieces and always pushing the envelope for what is next in event design? It’s true, and we want to introduce you to the latest styles to incorporate into your next event.

Farm tables, simplistic yet elegant centerpieces, even chairs that can showcase your logo! The opportunities for ideas are endless. Let’s get together, we love to show you so many more new inspiring decor ideas!


3) Entertainment Trends

LED Laser shows have been trending within the last few months.  For example, we recently proposed a costumed percussion show where the performers would be dressed head to toe in LEDs (similar to the picture featured below via the Event Manager blog) along with an LED guitar show.  Elite can help facilitate these entertainment elements at your next event. To get more inspiration on other HOT Entertainment ideas, check out: 10 Hip Entertainment Ideas for your Next Event.


What do think of these upcoming trends? What has inspired you? Have you used any of these new ideas at your events? We want to hear from you!