Featured in Adweek, this hot new trend is a unique idea to apply at your next event. Whether you are welcoming new employees like these examples one ad agency did or wanting a out of this world WOW factor at your next event, crayon carvings

Ad agency Red Tettemer + Partners (RT+P) hired 16 new employees over the past several months. To celebrate the new editions to their family, their creative director (Steve Thompson) carved a crayon that looks just like each person. Steve Red, the chief creative officer, said, “When you have a crayon-carver in your midst, you use every opportunity to harness that creativity.”

What a great idea, and a unique way to make some special memories. This reminds me a little ofthe company who made custom 3D Printed Pez Dispensers that looked like each one of their 32 employees. They gave them out as a gift to each person. As RT+P continues to add new people to their team, they are committed to celebrating the additions with a fun twist. I am looking forward to seeing what they do next time. The video below shows how these coloring crayons were carved.