It’s the new year! The holidays are over and it’s time to start planning your next spring and summer events. Elite Destination Florida allows you to save money while giving you the best ideas in order to make your event one for the books.

Nautical – Nautical is unique enough to stand out from other events this summer and can customize anything you’d like. Great ideas for a nautical themed event could possibly include white sailor hats to make the guests part of the entire experience. Other ideas include tropical beach drop banners for pictures; inflatables palm trees, nautical balloons, photo booths, Navy blue lanterns, or natural fish nets for extra decoration. Elite Destination Florida can also assist in any other forms of entertainment to WOW your guests at the event.



Beach – Regardless of the weather this month, everyone can pretend to be on their luxurious tropical island for a day by hosting a beach party wherever they desire with the help of our company’s services. Creative beach themed ideas include seashell and sand décor on tables with a beach ball inspired chandelier. Beaches are always a great option for relaxed activities for team building or even casual receptions and evening dinners. The latest successful beach themed events have included ping pong and volley ball set ups with an ice cream truck or even a snow cone machine for the hot summer weather feel.


Coachella Inspired Theme – Escape to California for the day putting on your trendiest hat and bring out your Bohemian side. Elite Destination Florida can provide step and repeat walls to enhance your “festival” memories. Elite Destination Florida can help assist with floral arrangements, décor, bohemian themed tables and other pieces to make the most of you and your guest’s experience. Your event can even offer Ferris wheel rides and other musical festival themed activities.

Elite Destination Coachella 2016

Let us know what exactly you and your group are looking for in an event. We can ensure to help provide you with everything you need in order to make your event one to remember.